Family Medallion Colour

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Family Medallion Colour Photo Pendant

This pendant is described as a landscape pendant because it is wider than tall.
It is designed to allow group portraits to be printed.
It suits a family/group pictures as will allow three or four individuals to be printed in sufficient detail to be recognisable. (4 person group photo or a full length portrait of dog ).
Dimensions: 4.5cm x 3.1cm, (1.8 x 1.2 inches) Weight: 17g.
These printed pendants are available in rhodium and 18K gold-plate.

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  • We recommend you make a preview to see how your photo will look.
  • Alternatively choose Order no preview, upload your photos and write your instructions.

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We engrave a dedication on the reverse face of these pendants.

Photo Merging option

If you have two photos of people you want to appear on the same pendant we can merge the two photos. Just upload both photos in the order process and make sure to include an accurate description in the Orders comment box if as to which individuals
you want to appear on the pendant.

Due to the complex nature of producing this item we may make production decisions which means we will not be able to follow your instructions to the letter.

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