iPad Air White silicone Photo case


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iPad Air White silicone Photo case

This moulded protective body for the iPad Air is made from white high density polycarbonate plastic combined with a thermoplastic polymer.

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These cases have been produced to fit only the iPad Air. It has the specified cutouts to allow you access to the side buttons and camera lense featured on this model.

Protective iPad cases will give you peace of mind when carrying your iPad. These cases are designed to protect the main body of the tablet not the screen. The protection is against light damage. They afford no protection against water or extreme impact.

TPU polymer moulded bodies help protect your iPad Air as the protective case has elasticity and is resistant to oil, grease and abrasion.

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a hi-tech plastic which combines the hardness of plastic and shock absorbing qualities of silicone. It is part of a polycarbonate group which is used for many moulded plastic applications.