Round Photo Pendant

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Size: 2.7cm x 3.0cm
Weight: 8.4g

A personalised round jewellery pendant can have an engraved photo and dedication on the face or back if you want the photo engraved seperately on the face. Text can be engraved with a photo on the face but it can only be a few characters like a name or a date, otherwise it will obscure the engraved photo. The personalised pendant is supplied in a velvet pouch.


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 A personalised pendant with a photo of your child’s face is an excellent gift for  the mother or grandmother. A photo of a pet will be popular too. Please note for photos of animals the background should be plain and create contrast with the animal. Please read our tips on what works well for these pendants and if in doubt email us the photo before placing your order.

These pendants make a very personal gift with an engraved digital photo and/or an engraved message which will be treasured as a memento for many years to come. You can upload a digital image or send us a printed photograph through the post.
These photo pendants make great gifts fors christenings, weddings, birthdays or keepsakes for lovers, dear ones,parents and grandparents. The engraved pendants can be worn as a necklace or attached to a key-ring.The personalised nature of the gift will make it a very precious keepsake for the recipient.
A photo memento will be a much prized heirloom for the person’s relatives in years to come.

Taking care of your photo pendants:
Photo engraving is a very exact process which impacts a prepared metal surface, which has been milled to create a smooth and level environment. The engraved image when finished is no deeper than a few hundreths of a millimeter.Looking after your photo pendant:The surface after engraving is susceptible to damage if hit by hard objects.The image can be scratched by other metal objects or even plastic.To maintain a photo pendant in it’s original condition we recommend the minimum amount of contact with your hands as the sweat that perspires from your skin is acidic and will corrode the image very quickly.We are not liable for damage caused in this way nor scratching by other objects. Rubbing the image between thumb and forefingers, a common comforting behaviour, will have an abrasive affect on the engraving; eventually eroding the image until it all but disappears.

An occasional light polishing with a dry lense cleaning cloth will give the pendant the greatest protection from oxidisation. Only brush very gently on the photo surface a few times.Jewellery cleaning liquids or cloths are NOT recommended. Do not wear the pendant in the shower/bath or swimming pool.Detergents/shampoos/deodorants/hair spray/face or medical creams will have a corrosive affect on the engraving.

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