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The Topaz China Photo Mug has an accentuated handle with a thumb rest.
If you watch how someone likes to drink their hot drinks we all have our own style and different sized hands. Choose the style of bone china mug you think best suits your requirements.

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We can print two different images on the same mug or a landscape image which goes around the mug in a band. The printing area of this photo mug  is 70mm tall by 170mm wide. An alternative to printing a photo on the mug is to write a dedication celebrating an event, like a significant Birthday or to reproduce a poem or prayer you like.

We recommend china photo mugs are washed by hand in hot soapy water.
Do not use a scouring pad as the coating which protects the printed photo will be scrubbed off.
We advise not to wash them in a dishwasher as eventually it will erase the printed area.

These are photo gifts not photographic prints and it is not possible to get the same quality of reproduction as you would see on a computer screen or photographic paper.
This is a made to order personalised mug produced as a one off item; not made in a factory which produces 1000s of identical items with millions of dollars investment.

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High gloss finish


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Dishwasher friendly