Photo Coasters

Photo coasters are a great way to enjoy your favourite photos. Photo coasters make a great gift to share with your loved ones being affordable and practical mementoes.

Our photo coaster range comes in three different materials; neoprene; laminated hardboard and toughened glass.
Each type has it’s own appeal.
The neoprene fabric photo coasters make good promotional gifts to market a small business or fundraising event.
Laminated hardboard coasters are a practical everyday keepsake, which bring some cheer to any workspace; a kitchen table or next to your armchair.
Cork backed or felt backed coasters can be part of your personalised dining room tableware printed with photos of a beautiful landscape, your family pets or a special memory; like your wedding day.
The glass photo coasters make a lovely and affordable gift with the photo printed on the underside to protect it from marking. The glass is toughened to cope with the heat from the mugs placed on it and have little silicone pads to raise the drinks coaster so it does not pass the heat through to the surface of your furniture.
All our photo coasters will protect your furniture from the annoying hazard of heat marks and only need a wipe with a wet cloth to make them look pristine and new.

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