Personalised Xmas Fine China Mug & Coaster


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Fluted photo mugs made from fine china  offer a more elegant way to sip your Christmas cuppa. They have a fluted top edge and have a thinner wall making them lighter.

A personalised Xmas gift of a Christmas themed china mug is a great stocking filler. Choose a suitable image for your photo mug, such as a family picture, a couple, a pet, children, friends or any other of your favourite photos, and add a message to complete this photo gift.

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Product Details:
Dishwasher and Microwave friendly

Made from fine china
Capacity: 12 fl.oz
Mug Height: 90mm
Mug Diameter: 80mm
Mug Weight: 273gms

Personalisation can come in any form you can imagine…
A favourite poem or quote;

A digital photo of your child’s first great artwork;


Favourite holiday snaps;

A teenager’s first car.

The variety of options available for a personalised mug is vast and endless. With a photo mug, you are the creator!

Let us personalise your normal photos for Xmas by placing Santa hats Xmas hat on the individuals heads and putting these little holly sprigs xmas holly  in the corner of the image. Just tick the Xmas personalise box in the order process.  You can choose from Three Christmas fonts:
Snow Font
Christmas Card
Select from the font menu in which to print your message. For example

Please note: mutiple discounts are only available if the artwork is identical.
For example “Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas from The Jones with a Santafied photo of yourselves. See the second illustration.