Circular Jigsaw


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If you find the traditional rectangular jigsaw puzzle too simple, have a look out our new circular photo jigsaw puzzle. Without the corner pieces to help get started, the round jigsaw is certainly more puzzling!

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The flat surface of the circular jigsaw puzzle makes it ideal for high quality reproduction of photos and images. Use your favourite photo or artwork to personalise your circle jigsaw to create a novel gift, and add your own message like ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ or ‘Happy 10th Birthday’ to add an extra personal touch.

Dimensions: 5”/12.5cm radius, 10”/25cm diameter

Made from 3mm thick die cut wooden jigsaw puzzles with a high gloss surface.


  • An image known to work well on circular photo gifts is to get four people to lie on grass with their heads meeting in the middle, and then have a photo taken from above.
  • If you’ve recently been away on a vacation from somewhere nice, why not use one of your holiday snaps to make a fun jigsaw for the family.
  • Use a nice family portrait in the form of a photo jigsaw puzzle as a Christmas gift for Grandma.
  • For a special birthday, such as an 18th or a 40th, use your favourite picture of the birthday boy/girl with your own message printed underneath.
  • As a wedding anniversary gift, turn a picture of the happy couple into a personalised photo gift, with a message underneath saying ‘Happy 5th Anniversary’.
  • If you work for a business, why not create photo puzzles for your clients as a unique and memorable promotional gift?
  • Why not take advantage of our multiple order discount and order 5 of the same jigsaw.