10oz Durham Mug


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Traditional mug for a British Breakfast

10oz Durham photo mug is the ideal vessel for that lovely cup of Rosy Lea!
Another British classic this tea mug was the standard before American sized mugs started being sent from factories in China.
If you wanting to impress a traditionalist serve them their tea in there own personalised photo mug.

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We recommend you make a preview to see how your photo will look.

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To have a made to order gift produced to a desired standard takes time and expertise and this comes at a price.

Choose a suitable image for your photo mug, such as a family picture, a beautiful landscape, a pet, children, friends or any of your favourite photos, and add a message to complete this photo gift.

Or if you prefer simply write a message on the mug.

 You can personalise the tea mug with the simplest of instructions:

White 1 Sugar please!

You can upload two different photos on the same mug or select a fullwrap print.
Please try the various options with our preview tool to see what pleases you. It only takes a few minutes and when you click the “Complete preview” button it sends a copy to your email account before you order.

You can print just text if you prefer; congratulating someone on a personal achievement or event: “Good luck in your new job!”
It is a great medium for your own favourite artwork be that one of the great masters or your child’s portrait of you.
Please note the printing process we use suits photographs. Printing artwork on mugs with block colours is much more difficult to achieve good results and slight imperfections may occur. This is not deemd to be a fault with the production of the order and will not be acknowledged as grounds for complaint.

Photo mugs are a great gift for someone in the workplace, a lover, a parent or grandparent.
If you are feeling creative then some of the following ideas may appeal:

A favourite poem or quote;
A digital photo of your child’s first great artwork; your pet or a favourite photo on your mobile.

The variety of options available to personalise your mug is limitless!

Photo mugs are produced in our workshop using state-of-the art technology to ensure quality reproduction of your photograph, before being carefully packaged and delivered to you.

Please note: mutiple discounts are only available if the artwork is identical.

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