Personalised Birthday Colour Changing Photo Mug


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Give someone a Birthday surprise with one of these Magic photo mugs.When hot liquid is poured into these magic mugs, the dark colour dissolves to miraculously reveal your chosen photo and message. As the mug cools, the dark shade returns to hide the image.

The personal touch of the colour-changing photo mug means it will always be well received as a gift. Choose a suitable image for your photo mug, such as a family picture, a couple, a pet, children, friends or any other of your favourite photos, and add your Birthday greeting to complete this photo gift.

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Product Details

12 fluid ounce.

Available in Black or Blue!

You can upload two different photos on the same mug. Please be aware if you upload two landscape images we will have to crop them to be able to fit on the printable area of the mug.

If you’re looking for a present for a birthday a photo mug is the perfect personalised photo gift for someone in the workplace, a parent, or a grandparent.

Personalisation can come in any form you can imagine…
A favourite poem or quote;

A digital photo of your child’s first great artwork;
Favourite holiday snaps;
A teenager’s first car.

The variety of options available for a personalised mug is vast and endless. With a photo mug, you are the creator!
If you upload a portrait image; (one that is taller than it is wide) and then choose full wrap as the printed option this will distort the image. We will not be responsible for your decision.

Photo mugs are hand printed in our workshops to ensure quality reproduction of your photograph, before being carefully packaged and delivered to you.

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