Large Heart Photo Keepsake


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A Glass Domed Heart Pendant with the colour printed photo protected by the glass convex shaped cover; this magnifys the photo and makes the detail more visible. This Photo Pendant is designed to display a close-up image of up to 2 faces.

  • These pendants are designed to be worn outside of your clothes.
  • These pendants are to put your own printed photo behind a sealed glass dome, to help treasure and protect your precious memory.
  • Keep your loved one close to your heart with this personalised Deluxe Glass Domed Heart Pendant.
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  • Large Heart Photo Keepsake – Deluxe Glass Domed.
  • These pendants are designed to tolerate light usage, which the wearer should keep in mind when caring for it. The lifespan is determined by the wearer.
  • The photo is printed at the industry standard of 300 dpi (dots per square inch). When an image is decreased in size, the detail is decreased with it. For this reason we recommend focusing on faces when choosing a picture to place inside this pendant.
  • These pendants are unable to have text engraved on them.
  • This product is sent by Royal Mail first class postage.
  • These pendants are designed to be worn outside of the wearer’s clothes; humans perspire and the perspiration is acidic.

Additional information

Weight 7.4 g
Dimensions 28 × 27 × 6 mm

Dimensions of Printed Area

Height: 26mm, Width: 25mm