Small Teardrop Photo Keepsake

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  • This Photo Pendant has space to display a close-up image of one person.
  • Keep this memory alive with a personalised Deluxe Glass Dome Pendant.
  • These pendants are designed to be worn outside of your clothes.
  • These pendants are to put your own printed photo behind a sealed glass dome, to help treasure and protect your precious memory.
  • Keep your loved one close to your heart with this personalised Deluxe Glass Domed Small Teardrop Pendant.
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  • Small Teardrop Photo Keepsake – Deluxe Glass Domed.
  • These pendants are made for light usage. The wearer should be mindful of caring for it.
  • The pendants are not designed to be worn in water, or when working in wet environments, the lifespan is dependant on the wearer.
  • As you decrease the size of a photo, the level of detail also decreases. For this reason we recommend focusing on faces.
  • These pendants are unable for any text to be added.
  • This product is shipped first class postage.
  • These pendants are designed to be worn outside of the wearer’s clothes.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 g
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 4 mm

Dimensions of Printed Area

Height: 16mm, Width: 12mm