Photo Piggy Bank


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Ceramic Savings Jar printed with a photo and/or dedication

Teach the value of saving by giving them a personalised piggy bank with your choice of photo and message printed on the side.

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This ceramic photo piggy bank has a slot at the top and a rubber stopper in the base.
The personalised ceramic savings jar is small enough to fill quickly with loose change. This personalised gift gives the saver a sense of accomplishment without having to try too hard.
Possible photos for personalising your money box include a shot of your family, friends, a holiday snap, favourite artwork, the family pets or any image you choose.
Add a written message to your photo money box, such as “Alex’s University Fund” or “Dad’s Beer Money!”

A great gift idea for children’s birthdays or Christmas. A savings money box is a great way to get any child into a good life long habit.
These ceramic savings boxes can be personalised with an aspirational message; for example: “Ben’s Holiday Savings”, “Stephen’s new bike”, “Cloe’s Going to University Fund” and “My first car.”

Helping teach the value of money:
Collect various coins in a money box over a period of time. Ask your child to shake the box and guess what is inside. Talk about the weight, does it feel heavy or light? Spill out a few coins and look at them together e.g. 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p. Sort the coins by colour, or value.

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