Personalised Photo Engraved Friendship Heart


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An ideal Valentine’s Day Gift for close friends or for parted lovers this photo engraved heart comes in two parts, each with their own “O” ring, allowing for two faces to be placed on the two segments.
The two parts can be worn by the two lovers or friends, wearing each other’s engraved photo with an engraved dedication on the reverse. Choose from rhodium or gold plated photo pendants.

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Size: 5cm x 4.5cm
Weight: 23.2g

The friendship heart comes in two pieces that are shaped to make one heart when aligned. Because each section is individually engraved and there is a centre margin photos images of couples kissing will not  necessarily align perfectly on the two halves. We will happily engrave a single image over the two segments but cannot guarantee the image will align perfectly, although we endeavour to produce as good a results as possible.