Soft Toy Rabbit with floppy ears

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A rabbit has been symbolic of good luck since pagan times and is an appropriate lucky charm for a newly wed couple with a personalised printed message or photo on the fitted white top.

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A rabbit is commonly thought to symbolise good fortune for childbirth or fertility. The origins of the Easter bunny are fertility rites in which Eostre, a hare-headed goddess derived from ancient Saxon people would hail the blessed beginning of spring. In past times when food was less plentiful after months of barren winter the appearance of rabbits signalled the coming of spring and was seen as a good omen.

These soft toys comply with European safety codes to be suitable and safe for young children.

Additional information

Weight 180 g

A choice of round or square

Strawberry Blonde and cream

400ml - Height: 16cm (6.5”), Diameter: 6.5cm (2.5”)

Printable area: 18cm wide by 21cm

600ml - Height: 20cm (8”), Diameter of base: 7.5cm (3”)