Colour Printed Photo Pendants

Here is a selection of photo printed pendants that can make an inexpensive personalised gift.
Choose the pendant you like and upload a photo to see how it will look.
The photos are reproduced using a printing process called sublimation.
All these photo pendants come with their own chain.

All the products on this website are made to order.
There is a no returns no refund policy because in producing them the work has been performed and the product used. No products offered are re-usable. They have one life.
If you are not clear how you want your personanlised photo gift produced please enquire before ordering.
The preview tool is there to help you.
We make decisions on how to produce your order at the time of production according to the gift’s limitations & unique properties. This is a condition of sale and will not be grounds for complaint.

Treasure a printed photo keepsake of a loved one by keeping it close to your heart!
This is a way of keeping a special reminder of those most dear to you wherever you go. We print your favourite photos onto lovely  jewellery pendants to create unique and very precious personal keepsakes. We have received so much positive feedback from hundreds of customers who have been so impressed with their personalised gifts.

Technical definition of a printed colour photo pendant:
The printing is in full colour at 360 dots per square inch. It is worth noting when you scale a photo down as it decreases in size the amount of detail that is visible becomes less. This is a simply how scaling works.
The photo is printed by a process called sublimation where the colour is absorbed into a plastic coating at high temperature which seals itself when the pendant cools.

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