Personalised Photo Salver


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This large commemorative salver has a distinctive ruffle rimmed edging and is chrome plated. The size and edging gives it a superior look and feel as an award for sporting excellence.

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10 inches (25cm) in diameter with the printable inset able to have a photo of the winner of the sports trophy combined with text.
The commemorative salver comes with a plate stand.

These commemorative salvers suit a variety of purposes. It can be used as an award for all forms of sporting excellence allowing a large photo printed in high definition on the centre disc. We can curve text around the edge of the image allowing it to record the name of the event, date and name of the person who the salver is awarded to.

Commemorative sports salvers are ideal for any sports club awards ceremony, which want to give a sports award which will treasured as a memento of their highest achieving sports person, be they a golfer, sprinter, horse rider, bmx cyclist or bar pool player.

These salvers can also be given as commemorative gifts for people celebrating anniversaries or any personal achievement, like volunteering or fundraising for a charity.

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