Large Gold Rimmed Commemorative Photo Plate


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Design a commemorative plate to honour an anniversary, great achievement or just a bit of fun.
The plate has a printable circle with a 5 inch  diameter. Overall Diameter: 10.5 inches.
The printable area on these photo plates are in the centre in a circular shape. We cannot print on the edge or underside.
The inner edge and outer lip of the dinner plate have a handpainted gold band.
The preview tool enables you to design your own personalised plate in minutes and see what it will look like before ordering.

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Please note that due to the specialist nature of these products, hand washing with non-abrasive cleaning materials is recommended to maximise the life of the product.

The photo dinner plate comes with it’s own display stand. It is primarily ornamental.

Put a message on your photo gift to make it that little bit more special: “their name”, “the event”, “the date” “or location of the original photo”

Please note: mutiple discounts are only available if the artwork is identical on all photo plates.

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